Malta Residency and Visa Scheme

Malta Residency and Visa Scheme

Investors having business interests in the Europe can now benefit from the Residence and Visa Program.

The Program enables nationals of non-EU states to be granted a residence permit which entitles them to reside indefinitely, together with their dependants, in Malta. Dependants include the spouse of the applicant or a person having similar status, children of the spouse who are under 18 years of age, or who are younger than 26 but reliant on the applicant; children of the applicant or the spouse who suffer from a disability, as well as parents or grandparents of the spouse who rely on the applicant.

Being a Maltese resident, the beneficiary is entitled to visa-free travel within the Schengen area. Malta is well-connected to all the major business centres in the EU, most of which can be reached in less than 3 hours.

What Malta offers?

Malta has a stable economy and government. It has a low crime-rate and benefits from a pleasant climate, making it ideal for the beneficiary to relocate their family. Moreover the government tirelessly seeks to incentivise investment, particularly in the financial services and the online business industry. English being an official language, it is easier for international businesses to be based on the Island.

Malta also has a rapidly developing IT infrastructure, a highly qualified employment pool, and relatively low labor and business costs.

Summary of the Malta Residency and Visa Scheme

The program was introduced by means of a legal notice entitled the ‘Residence and Visa Program Regulations’ The regulations outline the criteria for eligibility and are explained below. Applicants who fulfil the criteria are issued with a residence certificate which entitles the to settle and live in Malta.

The residence certificate is issued by ‘Identity Malta’, a recently established body which is responsible for matters relating to passports, work and residence permits, and individual investment programs, amongst other things.

Throughout the application process, the applicant must be represented by a registered agent, such as ourselves.

Requirements Malta Residency and Visa Scheme

– A contribution totaling €30,000, part of which must be paid as a non-refundable administrative fee of €5,500 upon the submission of the application.

– The purchase of a property worth at least €270,000, or the lease of a property with a minimum rent of €10,000 per annum.

– An investment in government bonds having an initial value of at least €250,000.

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