Global Residency Program

Global Residency Programme

The recently launched Global Residency Programme is interesting for non-EU persons who wish to set up residence within the EU and benefit from Visa free movement within the Schengen Area, while enjoying an attractive tax treatment.

Tax Status

Persons who are resident but not domiciled in Malta, pay taxes only on income arising in Malta and income which they bring into Malta. They pay no Malta tax on capital gains arising outside Malta, whether remitted or not. Nor do they pay Malta tax on any income which arises outside Malta but is not remitted here. Global Residency Programme certificate holders pay tax on remitted income at the flat rate of 15%. Income arising in Malta, if any, will be taxed at 35%. However, in any one year Global Residency Programme certificate holders must pay a minimum of €15,000 in tax on remitted income.

Residency in Malta

The Global Residency Programme certificate entitles the holder to apply for and obtain a residency permit on the basis of economic self-sufficiency. This will in turn give the holder the right to limited visa free travel within the Schengen Area.
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